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Pensacola's Premier Paver and Segmental Retaining Wall Installer with 35 Years Experience.

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About Us!
    Owner Mike Breton, started Pav'r Construction, Inc. to provide an alternative to the landscape design for Commercial and Residential construction.   Pavers offer a classic or modern look to Architectual Designs.   Once considered an old product, Pavers have been modified to give character, and color to enhance any structure and add curb appeal.     
Pavers were introduced long ago, It's only in the last 15 years have they become popular again.  With modern technology and consideration to public appetite for a new alternative to poured concrete, Pavers are the solution.  Pavers offer the alternative to the monochromatic color of concrete and its ability to show cracks over time.  Benefits of pavers are the built in expansion joints and ease of repair.  Expansion joints in the pavers are visually more appealing to the eye than the unsightly crack you find with the poured concrete.  The ease of replacement or repair is simple and can be made with a screwdriver and sand.      

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We are:
Pensacola's Premier Paver and Retaining Wall Installer.
Licensed and Insured.
National Certified ICPI Paver Installer.
National Certified NCMA Retaining Wall Installer.

We have:  
Over 35 Years Experience in Design and Product Application.

We offer:
Commercial Installations-Parking Areas, Patios, Pools Patios and Segmental Retaining Walls.
Residential Installations-Driveways, Lanais, Pool Patios, and Segmental Landscape Retaining Walls.

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